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Stephen Johnston
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Andrey Chapoval
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Molecular aspect of early cancer diagnostics and therapy
Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center (RAACC)
Inaugural workshops and international conference

Inaugural workshop I: September 15-17, 2015, Barnaul, Altai, Russia

Inaugural workshop II: November 10-12, 2015,Tempe, AZ, USA

International conference: May 23-29, 2016, Barnaul, Altai, Russia

There are emergent technologies for cancer screening that soon will allow detection of tumors before it can be visualized when the precise localization cannot be determined. Therefore, there is a great need for developing strategies for therapy of asymptomatic malignant lesions. The human immune system is inherently capable of recognizing and destroying cancer cells. Advances in cancer immunotherapy is demonstrating clinical efficacy, boosting cancer immune-surveillance that is crucial for elimination of small tumors.

RAACC is a broad international interdisciplinary initiative established at Altai State University (Russia) and Arizona State University (USA) to essentially eradicate cancer. The RAACC will organize, facilitate and conduct basic (fundamental) and applied scientific research to develop a preventative cancer vaccine, technology for the earliest detection of cancer and new targeted therapeutics for treatment of cancer.

For more information, please, visit RAACC web page

Topics of our forums Include:
Early cancer detection
Cancer recurrence diagnostics
Molecular targeted therapies
Check points modulators
Cancer vaccines

Organizers welcome suggestions from potential partners, speakers and sponsors in all aspect of the planning inaugural workshops and international conference.

For all inquiries, please, contacts:
Stephen Johnston (E.mail: Stephen.Johnston@asu.edu; tel: +1-480-727-9588)
Andrey Chapoval (E.mail: andreichapoval@gmail.com; tel: +7- 3852-298-112