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Why Arizona State University?

ASU is one of the largest Universities in the US with recognized leadership in several nanotechnology related research areas including semiconductor, organic and bio nanotechnology, solar energy and related areas - photonics, lasers, LEDs.

ASU is one of the top universities worldwide in terms of the infrastructure for nanoscience research and nanotechnology, with a broad array of nanoscale fabrication and characterization facilities, as well as a broad network of affiliated start-up companies to facilitate transfer of university innovations from lab to fab and to assist small and large corporations in establishing successful businesses in Arizona.

ASU has a broad education and training base for students and company employees with a diversified network linking its education, research and entrepreneurial activities with industry, non-profits and government of Arizona.

ASU has a unique "package" for assistance in development and commercialization of international innovations, which include Arizona Technology Enterprise (AzTE), unique international business incubator (SkySong) and high-tech research park. Together it comprises a true "innovations fab" with unique opportunities for commercialization of international high-tech innovations cost efficiently with minimum risk.