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ASU/USA <=> Russia Proposals


Preventing Cancer
Offer: Platform and solutions for cancer pervention
Request: Partnerships in oncology research, with experts in animal model, immunologists, vaccinologists, clinical trials experts and epidemiologists

Foundry for Patterned Chemistry
Offer: Chips with peptides for immunosignaturing diagnostics, therapeutics, enzyme modulation
Request: Partnerships in clinical research, veterinary research, chemistry and biology

Next Generation Therapeutics, Antibiotics and Antivirals
Offer: synbody platform for therapeutics and anti-infectives
Request: Expertise in animal models for therapeutics, and clinical research

Continuous Health Monitoring and Early Disease Detection
Offer: licensing technology
Request: International partners for commercialization and business development

Edison of Medicine: Training Tomorrow’s Inventors
Offer: Graduate program at the Biodesign Institute
Request: Seeking qualified international students

Interdisciplinary graduate degree program
Offer: Nanotechnology master degree program at ASU Physics and Chemistry Departments
Request: Seeking interested students and universities in Russia

Biological design doctoral program
Offer: PhD program at the ASU Biodesign Institute
Request: Seeking interested students and universities in Russia

Advanced Radiation Therapy Cancer Treatment
Offer: Cancer Treatment with the best Radiation Therapy Technologies available in the US
Request: Seeking partners in Russia

ASU Venture Catalyst
Offer: Training and assistance in capitalization of high-tech start-ups
Request: Seeking customers and partners in Russia

How to Launch a Startup in Silicon Valley: Practical Step-By-Step Guide
Offer: Training course
Request: Seeking interested international entrepreneurs

Russia => ASU/USA

Design and testing of thermal and mechanical properties of electronic devices
Offer: Consulting, problem solving and software
Request: Seeking customers and partners in USA

Personal thermograph
Offer: Know-how, working prototype, expertise
Request: Seeking commercialization partners in USA

Tester for multijunction solar cells
Offer: Four-lamp tester for advanced solar cells technology: Commercial product and expertise
Request: Seeking commercialization partners and customers in USA