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Contact Information:
Anatoli Korkin
E-mail: anatoli.korkin@asu.edu

Center and International Network for Computational Design of Materials and Devices (CDMD)

ASU researchers, Stephen Goodnick, Anatoli Korkin, Dmitry Matyushov and Vladimiro Mujica have expressed interest to support and to join initiative of Tomsk State University in organizing international center and network for computational materials and device design. The purpose of the center is to develop international collaboration in education and research and industrial partnerships in computational materials and device design.

Aim and Objectives

Modern technologies of new materials and devices with predetermined properties increasingly use computer modeling, which in turn is developing rapidly with increasing computing power - speed and volume of information processing and storage. This is espatially true for the creation of new nanostructured materials raging in applications from new drugs to spacecraft design. Internet technologies provide possibility of remote calculation and data analysis of remotely thus enhancing the role of and opportunities for international collaboration in computational materials and device design. It is worth noting that often even powerful computers are much cheaper than many instruments for experimental studies, although in most case modeling is not a complete alternative but a complimentary tool in the creation of new materials with unusual properties.

It is proposed to organize the work of the center in three main areas: a)fundamental and applications oriented research, b) The development and implementation of educational programs, and c) development of new computational tools for academic and industrial applications. The initiators of the project aim to develop a solution center for the following tasks:
1) Organization of joint research projects;
2) Organization of regular international conferences and seminars;
3) Development of online educational programs including master degree program;
5) Establishment of an international network of distributed computing resources;
6) Development and commercialization of new software;
7) Development of applied research and partnership with industrial enterprises.