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Contact Information:
Anatoli Korkin
Tel: (480) 329-5710
E-mail: anatoli.korkin@asu.edu

William Petuskey
Tel: (480) 965-9226
E-mail: wpetuskey@asu.edu

Russian Science, Technology and Education Consortia

Several ASU faculties have joined the team of Resource-Efficient Technologies journal (REFFIT), a multi-disciplinary open-access international scientific journal published by Elsevier: Anatoli Korkin (editor-in-chief), Don Seo and Michael Schoon have joined the Editorial Board and Gary Dirks, William Petuskey and Stephen Goodnick have joined the Advisory Board of the journal. Courtesy of the journal owner and sponsor, Tomsk Polytechnic University, publications in the journal are cost free for all authors.
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ASU researchers, Stephen Goodnick, Anatoli Korkin, Dmitry Matyushov and Vladimiro Mujica have expressed interest to support and to join initiative of Tomsk State University in organizing international center and network for computational materials and device design. The purpose of the center is to develop international collaboration in education and research and industrial partnerships in computational materials and device design.
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RUSTEC promotes collaboration between Arizona State University and ASU partners (universities, companies and non-profit organizations) with Russian companies, research centers, and Universities in innovations, science and education.

The technical focus areas of join projects between ASU and its partners and Russian institutions includes but not limited to commercialization, research and education in nanoelectronics, photonics, renewable energy and energy efficiency, bio and information technology and comprise but not limited to the following activities:

Innovations and commercialization

  • Technical and business due diligence
  • Developing innovative ideas to product and technology prototypes
  • Market development

Scientific research

  • Joint research projects funded by grant agencies, companies (sponsored research) and philantropists
  • Development of exchange programs between universities and research centers
  • Organization of the research networks, societies and associations


  • Joint educational programs including training courses, dual degree programs and on-line education
  • Development of the students exchange programs
  • Organization of the students networks, societies and associations